Sunday, February 13, 2011


In classic tree-change fashion, my family recently moved from Sydney to Bangalow in country northern NSW. Our kids attend the local primary school, and having been here for a few months now, we are no longer (complete) strangers to the local community, nor it to us.

The gourmands out there may well know of Bangalow because of the brand of pork that graces the menus of fine-diners up and down the east coast of Oz, and is freely available (well, not entirely free) at our local butcher. 

But this town is much more than a one-trick piggy. Blessed with a productive northern rivers climate, Bangalow is surrounded by growers of all kinds of goodness.

A drive in almost any direction from town will uncover macadamia plantations, coffee (both growers and roasters), pecans, dates, all kinds of tropical fruit, strawberries, root vegetables, herbs, meats and cheeses. And being 15 minutes from the coast, we're never short of a fresh catch of fish or crustacea. If ever there was a land of plenty...

With so much produce around, we have the great pleasure of buying ‘low kilometre food’, often meeting the grower during the transaction. Which is why our regular Saturday morning stroll down to the Bangalow Growers Market is a highlight of our week.

   Leafy greens at the Bangalow Growers Market

   A bit of pep at the Bangalow Growers Market

   Bok Choi at the Bangalow Growers Market

Bangalow Growers Market - Cute as a button and one very good reason why Bangalow is good for you.

See you next Saturday in the carpark behind the pub.

Just keep it to yourself. 

It's our secret, right?


  1. Sounds likes a tasty area! I love those places that can live off of local farms and resources. It makes the rest of us look bad ha.

  2. It certainly means we're eaten seasonal, sustainable and loved produce.

    And it's so nice to be able to ask the honey man how his bees were this week in the heat.

    Definitely changes the way you think about food and consumer culture generally.

    Thanks for the comment, Suzy.