Sunday, June 10, 2012

DISARM DOORS ON THE RADIO: Talking About Vanuatu

Disarm Doors has had the great fortune to be picked (dobbed in, really...thanks, Kim Wildman) up by ABC North Coast NSW (Australia) as a regular contributor to its weekly "Planes, Passports & Postcards" radio segment with Jo Shoebridge.

I'm really enjoying the audio journeys we're going on. They've brought back a mountain of memories recent and ancient that we scale in bite-sized ascents.

In this episode we take off for Vanuatu, a place I visited a couple of times as a child and had the great pleasure of exploring again recently. If you've got 10 minutes spare, take a listen to the audio HERE, or if you're more of a visual person, just enjoy the pics below.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


There's something about produce markets in foreign places that I find totally irresistible. The smells, colours, the sounds of lively commerce and the insights into what's being pulled out of the local ground and waters are a heady combination and rich story-teller.

I suspect I haven't spotted a market and ignored its wonders in, well, I don't know how long. And if you've tip-toed through a wet market in China, lucked upon a gorgeous weekend growers market in some lovely Italian hamlet, or even just found yourself on a jetty when the local fishing fleet returns from sea, you'll understand the attraction.

Foreign supermarkets also intrigue me. Where I come from supermarkets are for the most part pretty drab. Their products are run-of-the-mill, perfectly nice, all the staples we need and the occasional burst of something colourful. And yet some places...