Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Personalisation is, well, it's so hot right now. Working in the travel industry it seems every industry segment, every supplier is trying to operate at the highest standards with consistency of process whilst also trying to be different, to stand out and serve up unique personalised touches. It's a tricky juggling act…consistency, process and magic.

You're a big global brand. You know I like a window seat when flying short haul, and an aisle on longer lights…you know what to do. It's a pretty basic expectation these days.

It's interesting watching how businesses interact with existing customers and seek out new ones. A common technique is the old here's an interesting FREE thing we've produced, just give us your email address and it's yours. Now we're connected. Problem is, you've given me the same thing you've given a thousand other people. One for you. One for you...and…one for me.