Wednesday, January 5, 2011


As anyone who has visited will know, Hong Kong is a city that rarely rests. It's never idle. Full throttle 24-7. Nothing much seems to get in its way.

Mountain in the way? Tunnel through it.

The harbour impedes business and traffic? Tunnel under it. Again. And again.

Need more land? Make some.

Narrow, hillside block? No worries. Up we go...

It is a place whose DNA sparkles with a geographic necessity to use every inch of available space. And this applies on both the massive and micro scales. Take this remarkable approach to a city apartment renovation, for example:


And, it does beg the question: Is this the future of high density, urban hotel accommodation?

(Actually, I can think of a couple more, like: Has he really dedicated an entire wall of precious space to his CD collection? And, were the subtitles really necessary?)

Now, personally, I'm not sure I could live like this. But for a couple of nights in Hong Kong (or New York, Tokyo, even Mexico City), then absolutely. And not just because of the fancy gadgets and hammock. But if it drops me right in a real neighbourhood with real life (and the odd video billboard) at its doorstep then, yes please.

Where do I book?

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  1. love it. Ikea had a similar thing set up here in New Jersey, but far less classy.

    Another cool similar sort of place is the Jane Hotel in NY ( Old half way house theyve converted into cool rooms - great bar downstairs.

    Reminds me of sleeper cars on the way to Melbourne.