Tuesday, May 24, 2011


An unorthodox look at the 2011 New Orleans Jazz Fest.

My best mate, Scotty, lives in New York.

I've known him since we were kids, we were flatmates for a while, and we took the best part of a round-the-world trip together way back when. He is many things. Clever, amusing, successful MBA grad, senior executive, husband, dad and all-round positive spirit.

And when it comes to food, he has an adventurous streak.

I've seen him select some dreadful things from perfectly good menus all over the world. A bowl of raw, unfamiliar shellfish over grilled salmon in Southern Chile. A selection of offal over a mixed grill of the finest cuts in Argentina. Oyster patties in New Orleans (keep reading). Even The Spotted Pig's Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort Cheese, over, well, just about everything else on the menu there.

He travels a lot and, when he's not sending real postcards (Anyone else still do that?), his online travel musings tend to be garnished with photos of the dishes that enhanced the experience of life on the road. So, when Scotty spent 10 days recently in New Orleans, I was treated to a meal-by-meal blow of one of the world's great Jazz Fests.

Bon appetit!

Sausage & jalapeƱo bread with Rebirth Brass Band. Everything goes well with these guys.

 Yay, Crawfish Monica!

I submit to the world peace process the cochon de lait po'boy. No one can be mad when you've eaten one of these.

Not for everyone, but if you like your offal...grilled chicken livers with green pepper jelly was pretty damn tasty.

 Crawfish strudel with a side of wife. Pretty tasty (& the strudel's not bad either).

Oyster pattie. Looks better than it tasted.

Probably the best food @ Jazz Fest: Cochon au Lait po'boy. Super tender pork, creamy coleslaw & grain mustard. Out of this world.

New Orleans breakfast of champions. Beignets & iced cafe au lait.

New Orleans Sunday brunch still life - po'boys & cocktails.

 Jambalaya @ the Rock'n'bowl Zydeco extravaganza. Roll on Buckwheat!!

Fried Chicken livers, oyster roast, boudin balls &, out of picture: fried oyster & bacon sandwich, ribs, Cochon au lait, pulled pork sandwiches. Pretty decent lunch. Clean plate club.

 Oysters at Casamento's!!!

More from Casamento's!!!! Half oyster/Half softshell crab loaf. A winner every time!

Best restaurant meal of the trip: Mr. B's Signature BBQ Shrimp. Sauce is simple & unbelievable. They give you a whole French breadstick to soak it up. (Turns out the secret is 3 sticks of butter, but never mind).

A farewell plate of oysters. This has been quite a trip. Not sure I'm adding much value at work this week. Let's see what the scales say.

My thoughts exactly, my friend.

Seriously, an oyster pattie? I told you he has an adventurous streak.

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