Saturday, December 18, 2010


Absolutely delighted to see that, after a stop-start start, the Steven Spielberg/Peter Jackson collaboration on a series of Tintin movies is back on track.

I hold Tintin (that's him with his trusty pal, Snowy, or Milou in the original French/Belgian version) 95% responsible for the itchy feet that have led me around the globe and to a career in travel. Herge's tales of the youthful, adventurer journalist certainly piqued an interest in Latin America that has seen me return to that neck of the woods on numerous occasions.

My aunt Margie gave me my first Tintin book when I was 8, and let's just say it led to something of an addiction that I have force-fed to my son (now 5) whose middle-name is, yes, Tintin.

So, when Tintin hits the news, he has my attention.

I had thought for a long while that Tintin would be a great travel brand. After all, his adventures took him to some of the most fascinating corners of the globe...Egypt, the Middle East, Asia (en-route to Sydney, no less), Scotland, Tibet, the Americas, and The Congo to name a few.

So you can imagine my delight at a recent Student Flights conference when I met the team from on the go tours as they showcased their Destination Tintin product range.

Great concept. Great product. Great snakes!

Thanks to Comic Vine for the Tintin image.

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