Monday, December 20, 2010


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Lots in the news today about the chaos caused by heavy snow at airports across northern Europe and the affect it's having on passengers travelling for Christmas.

These delays are an absolute nightmare for everyone involved. People are missing Christmas holidays at home, in the sun, wherever. The airlines are losing money. Airline and airport staff, I'm sure, are bearing the brunt of the abuse and general ill-feeling. Mainstream media have, it's been reported, been banned from reporting from UK airports, but the delayed diaspora have been taking things into their own hands and posting their feelings on Youtube and the like.

(Thanks TNooz for the video link).

We clearly work in a sector where customers have particular expectations. But taking issue with an airline over its refusal to cough up 5 quid because you didn't bring any money to the airport and your flight has been delayed by, let's face it, what does appear to be extreme weather, is an absolute pearler.

I'm no weatherman, but I reckon I know what an inch of snow looks like. And it doesn't look like that.

I really feel for the stranded passengers. Even the guy who went to the airport without any money. And, as a marketer, I'm enthused somewhat by the use of social media to, it seems, get the story out.

But in the spirit of Christmas, I hope we get to see social media being used to highlight some of the miracles being performed by airline staff/airport staff/travel agents behind the scenes? Although I can't imagine any of them having a spare hand to film/tweet/FB it.

Even better, show me the camaraderie of the stranded as they organise a quick whip-around fundraiser for man who went to the airport with no money.

I'd like to see that.

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